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Discover Addis Ababa: One-day City Tours and Excursions with Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET]Taste Ethiopian meals in 1 Day Tours in Addis Ababa

This page lists top-notch tour destinations to visit in and around Addis Ababa in one day.

Choose from our cultural and heritage day trip packages near Addis. Explore the rich history and diverse cultures of Ethiopia through guided visits to ancient churches, palaces, and museums.

Here are exceptional day-long private tours designed particularly for first-time visitors to Addis Ababa. Look at our array of private tours in Addis, ranging from concise 4 to 5-hour options to extensive 9-hour excursions. 

Additionally, we provide captivating nighttime stopover tours of Addis Ababa, allowing you to savor the city's finest experiences under the sky. If your're in Addis in the evening, enjoy the best things-to-do in the city after sunset.

Check out our comprehensive list of private one-day tours departing from and concluding in Addis Ababa, including details on attractions visited and pricing options.

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Best Places to Visit near Addis Ababa


A private, customizable sightseeing tour in Addis Ababa with a professional local tour guide.

City Tours of Addis Ababa last from 3 to 5 hours (half day) to 10 hours (full day). Sightseeing tours in Addis Ababa take you to visit the most important sites in the city. The half day city tour is ideal for transit passengers at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Spend your urban city break in Addis Ababa on a fun, educational, and entertaining tour with us.National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa to visit city tours

The full day city tour includes visiting museums, churches, and local markets in Addis Ababa. Other local activities you try with our Addis tours are: -

⇒ Attending Ethiopian coffee ceremony culture
⇒ Learning how to cook Ethiopian meals
⇒ Tasting home brewed alcoholic drinks

Visit Addis Ababa booking our half day Addis Ababa city tour (4 – 6 hours). If you’re looking for a complete city sightseeing in Addis Ababa, take our full-day guided Addis tour (8–9 hours). The short city trip is best for trippers who want to see the highlights of Addis Ababa in few hours.

Our tour guides arrange your visit by including the top sites you wish to visit in Addis Ababa.

The Full Day Addis Ababa City Tour takes the entire day with a local tour escort. Drive with a private car to top-ranking museums, churches, and domestic markets of the city.

You can incorporate other activities you want to try in Addis Ababa. This long layover tour in Addis helps you gain a deeper insight into Ethiopia's history and Addis Ababa.

Looking for a cultural nightlife experience in Addis Ababa?

We provide a special Cultural LIVE Tour in one of Addis Ababa's top traditional restaurants. Taste delectable Ethiopian dishes and take part in coffee ceremony of Ethiopia. Try "Tej" - Ethiopian Honey Wine, and watch cultural dances performed by Ethiopians LIVE. This cultural nightlife event is at Yod Abyssinia or 2000 Habesha Cultural Ethiopian Restaurant.

Contact us for details on how we can help to perfect your holidays in Addis Ababa!

DAY TOURS NEAR ADDIS ABABAWhat to do with day tours from Addis Ababa

Excursions near Addis Ababa with a knowledgeable English-speaking Ethiopian tour guide.

Things-to-do and see with a single day trip from Addis Ababa are to see natural attractions and experience local culture. Visit historical and religious sites. You’ll also admire view of breathtaking scenery, and discover wildlife around Addis Ababa.

What you'll do when you book one of our day trips out of Addis Ababa
- Have a better perspective into the people’s culture and way of life as you visit rural villages.
- Admire breathtaking scenery like the Jemma River Gorge and the Ethiopian section of the Great East African Rift Valley
- Learn about Ethiopia’s long and interesting history as you visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Steles of Tiya
- And a lot more.

Adadi Mariam Rock Carved Church near Addis AbabaFollowing are the major attractions and things-to-do in the day tours from Addis Ababa:-

  • Adadi Mariam Rock Carved Church (13th Century AD) and Steles (Obelisks) of Tiya (14th Century AD and UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Debre Libanos Monastery (13th Century AD and the biggest in Ethiopia)
  • Scenic view of Jemma River Gorge and Portuguese Bridge (16th Century AD)
  • Visiting three of the crater lakes of Bishoftu (Debre Ziet)
  • Rift Valley of Ethiopia and boat ride on Lake Ziway
  • See Gelada Baboons which live only in Ethiopia 

Explore Addis Ababa on private day tours with small groups less than 6 visitors. Knowledgeable English-speaking guides accompany you.

For smaller groups of 1 or 2 visitors, we provide a cozy Toyota Corolla. For larger groups of 3 to 6, we offer a spacious Toyota Minivan.

Both vehicles prioritize your safety and comfort, featuring AC to keep you cool during hot weather, and shoulder seat belts for added security on the road.

See the list of day trips from Addis Ababa offered by Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours: -Gelada-Baboon-around-Debre-Libanos-Day-Trip-from-Addis-Ababa.jpg

1-day tours near Addis Ababa with us are flexible to get along with your schedule constraints and expectations. You can even pair our day trips with other travel services we offer.

Whatever day trip you imagine to take near Addis Ababa, Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours takes the hassle out of it. Arrange private transportation, flexible pick-up and drop-off in Addis Ababa city. Create your own tour and visit Addis your own way – EthioPerience!

Let our professional, French, German or English-speaking guides explain you the places you visit as you travel in Ethiopia. With our one day trips in or near Addis Ababa, enjoy the freedom to explore attractions you love in greater depth.

Please, contact us for details our tours of one-day. If you reserved our 1-day trips of Addis Ababa or nearby, we love to hear about if from you. Your comment helps us keep improving. Your online reviews help fellow travelers know us better.

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