Half Day Addis Ababa City Tour


If you've come this far, you must be wondering what you can do to visit Addis Ababa and how. Here is our Half-Day City Tour for your best experience while visiting Addis Ababa. Email us to customize the brief city visit in Addis to suit your expectations or interests.

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šŸ¤” So, you have a few hours to explore Addis Ababa City?

šŸ¤” You are thinking of what to do in Addis Ababa in half a day?

šŸ¤” Not quite sure of how to experience Addis Ababa best?

We are excited you found us! NOW is your turn to enjoy our personalized private tour in Addis Ababa with professional guides.

Have your entry visa to Ethiopia in advance by applying online. Ethiopia stopped giving visas upon arrival at Addis Ababa Bole Intā€™l Airport. Get visa to Ethiopia from Ethiopian Embassy close to you. Or, have e-visa applying online. Click to apply for your Ethiopian E-Visa

For security reasons, it is NOT ALLOWED to bring in drones, satellite phones, BINOCULARS, etc. to Addis Ababa. If you carry those items, it is better to check them in to your next destination (when checking in to fly to Addis Ababa).

OK! Letā€™s get going!

IN BRIEF - Addis Ababa Half-Day City Tour

Duration - 4 to 6 hours (flexible)

What you'll do (visit) - National Museum, Holy Trinity Cathedral, (Merkato Market OR Mount Entoto), Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and scenic drive in Addis Ababa City

Price (per person) in US Dollars - 1 = 110$, 2 = 75$, 3 = 65$, 4 = 50$, 5 = 45$, 6 = 40$

Price INCLUDES - Vehicle with gasoline and private driver, tour guide, All Entrance (Admission) fees, Local family visits, Lunch (home cooked Ethiopian meal), Hotel/Airport pick up and drop offs, Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony Experience, Local snacks and bottled water, Tea/Coffee, and all applicable taxes.

Price EXCLUDES - Meals and other expenses not mentioned above

For any questions on customizing this short tour of Addis Ababa or booking,  

Keep reading to see how we help you make the best of your brief time in Addis Ababa with our half-day private guided tour.

Get flexible ways with us to spend enjoyable time visiting Addis Ababa. See reviews of fellow visitors on TripAdvisor how they enjoyed our HALF DAY ADDIS ABABA CITY TOUR. In this short excursion, we combine visits to popular attractions and experiences in Addis Ababa.

If you have any questions on planning your Ā½ day private Addis Ababa Tour, donā€™t hesitate to

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Google's top rated sights in Addis Ababa are part of this Ā½ day stopover tour. Keep reading for details on how we can make your short trip in Addis special.Review about Addis Ababa Tours on TripAdvisor

Addis Ababa Short Layover Tour is a private sightseeing city visit of about five hours. This tour is best for transit passengers on layover at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (ADD).

Local tour guide leads the private sightseeing tour of Addis Ababa. The tour is by driving with a comfortable, insured and air-conditioned private vehicle. Get our free hotel pickup and drop-offs to all hotels in Addis Ababa. Ask for changes to this tour offer to visit other attractions in the Ethiopian capital.

Tour Description

Tour plan of Half Day City Tour in Addis AbabaTitle ā€“ Half Day Addis Ababa City Tour

Duration ā€“ Ā½ day or 4 to 6 hours (flexible)

Tour Price ā€“ From $40 to $110 per person

Means of Travel ā€“ Private Corolla (1 or two people) OR Toyota Minivan of 2016/2017 Model (3 to six visitors)

Tour Guide ā€“ Professional English or French Speaking Guide

Kids Friendly ā€“ Yes

Activity Level ā€“ Light

Pick up/drop off locations and time ā€“ As per visitorsā€™ inquiry (It is a private tour.)

Cancellation Policy ā€“ Addis Tours booked 12 hours in advance of the tour start time are eligible for a free cancellation.

Places to visit in half day Addis Ababa sightseeing tour are: -

ā­ National Museum of Ethiopia ā€“ Addis Ababaā€™s principal museum

ā­ A Must-see religious site in Addis Ababa - Holy Trinity Cathedral

ā­ Addis Mercato or Merkato market ā€“ Africaā€™s largest local marketMerkato Market (Addis Mercato) market overview

ā­ The highest elevation near Addis Ababa (3,200 meters above sea level) - Mount Entoto

To keep you, our staff, and everyone on the tour safe from Coronavirus, we follow strict safety procedures. For Addis Ababa Ā½ day layover tour, we use clean sanitized vehicles. Get free facemasks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and wipes. This brief day tour in Addis Ababa includes free airport/hotel pick-up and drop-off. This Addis Ababa stopover tour can be booked at your convenience with flexible start and end times.

Below is a guide map of Addis Ababa that shows the driving routes (directions) and destinations for a half-day city tour.

Roadmap of places of visits in half-day Addis Ababa city tour

Please read the details below for more information about our short Addis Ababa layover tour. The itinerary details what to do and what to see during the Addis Ababa city tour. And, email us for any of your questions related to booking the Addis Ababa layover tour.

ā€œįŠ į‹²įˆµ įŠ į‰ į‰£ā€ in Amharic language means ā€˜New flowerā€˜, hence the name of Ethiopia's capital city - "Addis Ababa". "Finfine" is the local Oromo name of the city of Addis. Founded by Emperor Menelik II, Addis Ababa has several attractions for foreign tourists. Book this brief tour with a local guide to get Addis Ababa's highlights in a few hours.Ethiopian vegan food known as Beyaynet

Addis Ababa Layover Tour allows first time visitors to learn Ethiopian's diverse traditions. Learning history and recent trends in Addis Ababa are part of the half day trip. Scout Top attractions in Addis Ababa ranked according to TripAdvisor. Cultural activities and best local markets make your time in Addis Ababa memorable. Please let us know if you have a special interest in touring Ethiopia's largest city.

We offer free hotel pickups and drop-offs. If arriving at Addis Ababa early morning or late afternoon, your tour guide waits for you at the airport.

The Half Day Addis Ababa City Tour is the shorter version of our Full-Day Addis Ababa City Sightseeing. Fluent English-speaking Ethiopian guide leads the city tour. This is private sightseeing half day long city visit in Addis Ababa. You'll discover new places, gain knowledge, and explore unique sites of Ethiopia's largest city.

Duration: 4 to six hours (Half-day)

We plan the short guided tour of Addis Ababa to help you get a great feel of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia in a short time. Must-Do activities when in Addis are covered in this visiting.Write review on Google about your half-day tour in Addis Ababa

Best part of Addis Ababa half-day tour is that it is customizable. Your informative tour guide adjusts your visit to fit your travel style. Going on for few hours city sightseeing tours of Addis Abeba is easy to book with short notice.

Typical half day city tour of Addis Ababa includes visiting:-

  • National Museum of Ethiopia (į‹ØįŠ¢į‰µį‹®įŒµį‹«ā€Žā€‚ā€Žā€Žį‰„įˆ”įˆ«į‹Šā€‚įˆ™į‹šį‹Øįˆ) ā€“ mainly to see the skeletons of Lucy or Dinknesh (the oldest human ancestor and 3.2 million-years old)
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral (įˆ˜įŠ•į‰ įˆØā€Žā€Žā€‚įŒøį‰£į‹–į‰µā€Žā€‚į‰…į‹µįˆµį‰µā€Žā€Žā€‚įˆ„įˆ‹įˆ“ā€‚įŠ«į‰“į‹µįˆ«įˆ) ā€“ ā€Žā€Žto learn about Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and to see the graves of Emperor Haile Selassie I
  • Merkato (Addis Mercato) market (įˆ˜įˆ­įŠ«į‰¶ā€Žā€Žā€‚įŒˆį‰ į‹«)ā€Žā€Žā€‚- the biggest outdoor cultural market in Africa and
  • Mount Entoto (įŠ„įŠ•įŒ¦įŒ¦ā€Žā€Žā€‚į‰°įˆ«įˆ«)ā€Žā€Žā€‚- to experience Addis Ababa's panorama and Ethiopian cultural activities with locals

Depending on visitorsā€™ interest and time, drive to Entoto Hill for view of Addis Ababa. At Intoto Mountain, take part in cultural experience. Learn how to prepare Enjera (Injera) ā€“ the Ethiopian bread. Attend Ethiopian traditional Coffee Ceremony.

Activity Summary

Make the best use of your short time in Addis Ababa with a professional local tour guide who knows the city inside out.

Merkato market road scene in Addis Ababa The half day Addis Ababa City Tour itinerary takes 4 to 6 hours. Visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral and experience how life goes for locals at the giant open-air local market of Merkato. Enjoy the panoramic view of Addis Ababa from top of Entoto Mountain. See the fossil remains of Lucyā€“the oldest hominid (3.2 million years old).

At Merkato market, walk with your tour guide to discover its unique cultural sections. Know of Ethiopian spices, colorful hand-woven grass baskets, secondhand items, and recycling section.

At Entoto Mountain, visit a local family to experience Ethiopian culture. Learn how to cook Ethiopian meals, and see how to brew Tella (Ethiopian homemade beer). A unique activity to get in touch with Ethiopian culture is to try the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

Drive around to view historic structures and well-known statues of the city. See famous monuments and significant buildings as you go along Addis Ababa's main streets.

Addis Ababa Stopover City Tour Itinerary

Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel in Addis Ababa. Are just arriving at Addis Ababa? You can start your half-day city excursion of Addis from the Airport. Meet your guide at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.ā€Ž

If youā€™re hoping to book a short trip in Addis Ababa with us, hereā€™s what you can expect.

Drive on Bole Road and via Meskel Square (the main square of Addis Ababa) to the Holy Trinity Cathedral. This cathedral is the most important religious site of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians in Addis Ababa.

INSIDE Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis AbabaTake 45 minutes to 1 hour guided tour of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. See the artfully crafted stained glass windows, and the stunning architecture of the building. Take time to visit ancient historical and religious artifacts at the Trinity Museum.

The next stop on Addis Ababa Half Day City Tour is theā€Ž National Museum of Ethiopia. Start visiting the national museum with archaeological discoveries on the basement floor. Meet Lucy or Dinknesh (the oldest hominid who lived in north east Ethiopia (Afar Area) about 3.3 million years ago.


Learn about Human Evolution and why Ethiopia claims to be the ā€œCradle of Mankindā€.

Then, drive for half an hour to the busy local market of Merkatoā€“the biggest outdoor market in Africa. With about an hour walking tour of Merkato learn about the Ethiopian local spices. See the colorful hand-woven grass baskets and shop at Merkato.

Stop at the 'Chat' (green leaves locals chew for stimulation) market. Experience how life goes at the second hand items market of Mercato market. Merkato in Addis Ababa is ideal for sightseers who enjoy snapping photo shots.

Next, drive through the beautiful eucalyptus forest to Mount Entoto. The highest peak around Addis Ababa is at Entoto Mountain with 3,200 meters above sea level. Entoto is a great spot to overlook Addis Ababa city. Here meet a local family and learn how to prepare Enjera (the Ethiopian national bread).

See how Tella (the local homemade beer) is brewed, and to take part in a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. See the entire process of the Coffee Ceremony starting from roasting the beans, pounding by hand using mortar and pestle, and brewing it.

Stop at the new Entoto Park. Go for a little walk in nature smelling the pleasant scents of eucalyptus trees. Check out the breathtaking view overlooking Addis Ababa city. Note that all visitors must have passports or Identity cards to visits Entoto Park. For historical sites visiting, you can stop at Menelik II Palace (the first palace in Addis Ababa) at Entoto Mountain.

On the way back from Entoto to Addis Ababa, stop at Shiro Meda local marketShop for small local gift items and hand-woven cotton clothes.

Before your hotel/airport transfer, have lunch at one of the best traditional Ethiopian restaurants in Addis Ababa. Taste varieties of delicious Ethiopian meals. Conclude your tour with drop-off at your Addis Ababa hotel or Airport.How to bake Enjera - Ethiopian bread

You can combine this short tour of Addis Ababa with a bit of visiting the countryside. Check our one-day trips from Addis Ababa to customize it with us.

If you are interested to visit sites out of the city, check our interesting Addis Ababa Day Tour packages. Please, have a look at the list of interesting day tours from Addis Ababa offered by Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours. 

Drive on scenic routes that allow you to discover all the most important aspects of Addis Ababa.  Explore best of Addis with our highly rated Ethiopian tour guides. Vacationers can visit trendy sites in Addis Ababa. We organize the city tour of Addis Ababa by including Sheger Park, Entoto Park, or the new Andinet or Unity Park.

Andinet Park entrance fee varies for locals (Ethiopians) and foreign visitors. Entrance fee to visit Andinet Park in Addis Ababa is 300 Ethiopian Birr per person for locals and 20 US Dollars for foreign visitors per person. Get details about Andinet Park in Addis Ababa and organize your visit to the park with us.

Price of Half Day Addis Ababa City Tour

Number of visitors in a group

Price per person

1 person

110 US Dollars

2 people

75 US Dollars

3 people

65 US Dollars

4 people

50 US Dollars

5 people

45 US Dollars

6 people

40 US Dollars

Price of Half Day Addis Ababa City Tour INCLUDES: - 

āœ” Comfortable insured private vehicle ā€“ Toyota Corolla (1 or 2 travelers) OR Toyota Minivan (3 to 6 visitors)

āœ” Fuel surcharge, per diem for private driver, and insurance

āœ” French, German, or English-Speaking professional tour guide

āœ” All entry charges (admission fees) to visit sites mentioned in Addis Ababa itinerary above

āœ” Hotel/Airport pick up and drop offs

āœ” Local family visits

āœ” Lunch (home cooked Ethiopian food)

āœ” Docent services (as needed)

āœ” Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

āœ” Bottled water and local snacks

āœ” Tea/Coffee

āœ” And, all related taxes


āŽ Fees for visiting other areas of interest not included in the above itinerary

āŽ Meals

āŽ And, any other expenses not mentioned in the ā€œIncludedā€ list above

For booking the culture themed half day city tour if Addis Ababa ONLINEBOOK NOW

Email us or send message on WhatsApp to book our short Addis Ababa Layover Tour.

Half day tour of Addis Ababa Ethiopia can extend to Full day tour (8 to 9 hours). The complete private city tour of Addis Ababa includes more activities. A few additional experiences and more places to visit with the long tour of Addis include: -

  • Ethnological Museum (also known as Ethnographic Museum) was Emperor Haile Selassies's former palace. Ethnological Museum is one of the best museums in East Africa. Haile Selassie (formerly known as Ras Teferi or Ras Tafari before he became Emperor) lived here for more than 25 years. The Emperor is revered for Rastafarians.
  • St. George Cathedral is among the best places first time visitors of Addis have to visit. Saint George Cathedral is historic for its Tabot (copy of the Ark of the Covenant). St. George's Tabot accompanied Ethiopians who defeated invader Italians in 1896.
  • Cultural Activities - Learn how to bake Injera (įŠ„įŠ•įŒ€įˆ«). Enjera (Injera) is the Ethiopian flat bread. 'Teff' (įŒ¤į) grains are used to prepare Injera. Attending a cultural Ethiopia Coffee is also a lot of fun.

Book Online - Addis Ababa Half Day Cultural Experience

If you are curious to try tasty local Ethiopian food, we rearrange your layover tour to a remarkable Addis Ababa Food Tour. Spend your half day in Addis Ababa with exotic Ethiopian culinary experience. The unique Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony culture is part of the activity.

Whether you are interested in the highlights or deeper engagement, we will make your layover tour in the city of Addis Ababa a complete SUCCESS.

If you are wondering what you can do in one day from Addis Ababa, read our article on interesting attractions around Addis Ababa. Choose any sites your feel you would explore and tell us how you plan to visit it. Please, check out other interesting tours offered by Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours!

If you are on stopover at Addis Ababa Airport at night, our Overnight Transit Tour in Addis Ababa helps you have a great evening.


Are you an expat in Addis Ababa?

You already visited the common attractions of the city?

Do you wish to go to and visit unique, rarely visited, yet worth visiting sites in Addis Ababa in a half day or less?

Here are our recommended special interest attractions to discover in Addis Ababa.

Washa Mikael Rock Church

If you're looking for distinctive, unfamiliar and interesting places to visit in Addis Abeba, WASHA MIKAEL ROCK CHURCH comes in the top of the list.

The rock church of Washa Mikael is located north east of Addis Ababa. The 4th Century church of Washa Mikael is cut out of rock (similar to the churches of Lalibela). It is sad that it was destroyed twice. But, Washa Michael is still worth-visiting site in Addis Ababa.

To visit only Washa Mikael Rock Church in Addis Ababa, you need about 3 hours. With our half-day trip in Addis Ababa, you can discover Washa Mikael church together with other interesting places to visit in Addis.

Join us on our half-day city tour of Addis Abeba to visit Washa Michael Rock Church!

Contact us soon for details about visiting Addis Ababa in half day! We are always ready to help in customizing your brief layovers and enjoy a bespoke tour of Addis Abeba.

If you enjoyed your half-day tour of Addis Ababa city, share your experience online. Please write a review on TripAdvisor clicking the following button.

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