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Best list of 2 Days/1 Night Tours with start and end at Addis Ababa

Explore interesting sites around Addis Ababa in two days with professional local tour guide


2-Day Tours from Addis Ababa: Explore Ethiopia's Rich History, Nature and Culture

• Explore the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

• Experience the Ancient Walled City of Harar: A City of History and Culture

• Discover the Natural Beauty of the Rift Valley Lakes: A Paradise for Nature Lovers 

Following are Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] two day trips from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The trips are best for visitors who have 2 days in Addis Ababa, especially for weekend excursions. We use driving with private vehicle and domestic flights of Ethiopian Airlines for the tours. We use the best accommodations for the overnights out of Addis Ababa.Little girl at Harar, East Ethiopia surprised to see photo of herself on tripper's mobile phone

Professional local English-speaking tour guide leads the two days excursions around Addis Ababa. Trippers who have 2-days in Addis Ababa can choose one of our 2023 two day trips to visit interesting sights around Addis.

We update our tour offers of 2-days from Addis Ababa to suit with your personal preferences. You can include the best things to do in Ethiopia, cultural experiences, and food traditions. Contact us on WhatsApp for quick Ethiopia travel advices or questions.

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Book our 2 days weekend trips to fascinating natural and historical attractions near Addis Ababa. Enjoy great scenery and cultural sites around Addis Ababa. Visiting parks and local family experiences are part of these 2 Day Tours from Addis Ababa.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours offers free pick-ups from all hotels in Addis Ababa. We allow free airport-hotel transfers for the following two days one night trips around Addis Ababa.

NOTE – You can extend these 2-days private trips can by adding more days or shorten to just 1-day tour.

Tours of 2 days from Addis Ababa we offer are: -

2 Days Tour to the Rift Valley Lakes of Langano and Lake ZiwayVisit the Rift Valley Lakes of Ethiopia in 2 days from Addis Ababa

Duration: 2 Days/ 1 Night

Means of Travel: Driving with private insured vehicle

Overnight: Sabana Resort at Lake Langano

Total Driving Distance: 420 km

Route: Day 1 – Addis Ababa – UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tiya – Lake Ziway – Lake Langano

Day 2 – Lake Langano – Abiyatta-Shalla Lakes National Park – Lake Bishoftu – Addis Ababa

2 Days Tour to the Rift Valley Lakes of Langano and Ziway is by drive with private vehicle. Discover four Rift Valley lakes of southern Ethiopia. Professional experienced tour guide accompany visitors. You will learn local Ethiopian culture and enjoy views of the Rift Valley.

See hippos and a number of birds with a private boat ride at Lake Ziway. The tour includes visiting local villages and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tiya. Stop to take photo of the great scenery. Please, read more details of these 2 Days Tour to the Rift Valley 

For this visit, it is possible to drive back to Addis Ababa using the new EXPRESS ROAD from Batu (Ziway) to Addis Ababa via Mojo (Modjo).

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2 Days Tour to the Rift Valley Lakes of Abiyatta, Shalla, and AwassaColobus Monkeys at Lake Awassa, south of Addis Ababa

Duration: 2 Days/ 1 Night

Means of Travel: Driving with private insured vehicle

Overnight: Haile Resort at Awassa (Hawassa)

Total Driving Distance: 550 km

Route: Day 1 – Addis Ababa – Steles of Tiya – Lake Ziway - Shashemene – Awassa

Day 2 – Awassa – Lake Awassa– Abiyatta-Shalla Lakes National Park – Lake Langano – Addis Ababa

This is Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET's] offer of 2 days in the Rift Valley part of Ethiopia. In two days, explore five of the Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes. Nature and cultural experience are the main focus of these two days trip to the Rift Valley. This tour is by drive with comfortable air-conditioned private vehicle and accompanied by tour guide.

Contact us soon for detailed itinerary of this 2 days trip and booking!

Best places to visits and things to do this vacation include are:-

  • Private boat trip on Lake Ziway to see hippos and birds,
  • Visiting Jamaican Rastafarian Community at Shashemene,
  • Abiyatta-Shalla Lakes National Park, Fish Market of Lake Awassa, and
  • Learning Ethiopian history when visiting Tiya Steles Cemetery (14th Century AD).

Read more on visiting the Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes of Abiyatta, Shalla, and Awassa in 2-days trip from Addis Ababa.

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2 Days Tour from Addis Ababa to the rock cut churches of LalibelaRock Church of Lalibela - 2 Days tour from Addis Ababa

Duration: 2 Days/ 1 Night

Means of Travel: Two domestic flights of Ethiopian Airlines and ground transfers

Overnight: Mountain View Hotel or Tukul Village (Lodge) at Lalibela

Flight Duration: 1 hour flight from Addis Ababa to Lalibela

Driving Distance: 23 km from Lalibela Airport to Lalibela town (one way)

Route: Day 1 – Fly Addis Ababa – Lalibela – visit seven rock cut churches of Lalibela – Lalibela

Day 2 – Lalibela - Visit 4 churches of Lalibela known as the “Second Group” – Transfer to Lalibela Airport – Fly to Addis Ababa

This is two days private tour from Addis Ababa to Lalibela by using domestic flights of Ethiopian Airlines.  Visit the 11 rock cut churches of Lalibela (12th and 13th Century AD and UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the Northern Ethiopia. Lalibela rock churches are Ethiopia's #1 tourist destination. If you have a couple of days in Ethiopia, don't leave without visiting the incredible churches at Lalibela.

This tour can be customized to include more places of visits around Lalibela. Read more about the 2 Days Tour to Lalibela and contact us for more details.

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2 Days Tour from Addis Ababa to the cultural stone walled city of HararInside the cultural house of Adere or Harari people at Harar, Eastern Ethiopia

Duration: 2 Days/ 1 Night

Means of Travel: Two domestic flights of Ethiopian Airlines (from Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa and back) and ground transfers

Overnight: Ras Hotel or Rewda Guesthouse at Harar

Flight Duration: 1 hour flight from Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa (one way)

Driving Distance: 50 km from Dire Dawa to Harar (one way)

Route: Day 1 – Fly Addis Ababa – Dire Dawa – Drive to Harar – Full Day tour of Harar – Visit Hyena Man Show at Harar - Harar

Day 2 – More visits of Harar town – drive to Dire Dawa – Scenic drive in Dire Dawa – Fly to Addis Ababa

With this private tour of 2 days from Addis Ababa, visit the historic and cultural town of Harar. The stone walled town of Harar is UNESCO World Heritage and the fourth-Holiest City of Islam.

With two-day tour to Harar, you'll experience unique and interesting culture. Learn of Ethiopia's medieval history and visit ancient mosques. Do a lot more at the stone walled city of Harar in the Eastern Ethiopia. Please, see how other visitors travelling with Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours on TripAdvisor.

The walking sightseeing tour in Harar includes visiting Medhane Alem Church. It is the only Orthodox Christian church inside the walls of Harar. Touring around Ras Makonnen Statue, seeing Hyena Feeding Site, walking at Girgir Megala are parts of the Harar tour. We plan this tour considering two domestic flights. Check the details of Harar 2 days tour.

NOTE – You can extend or shorten the above day tours from Addis Ababa. We are glad to help in customizing your itinerary to visit sites around Addis Ababa.

Questions and Answers about Two Day Trips from Addis Ababa

Q – I don’t want to spend the overnight out of Addis Ababa. What can I do in 2 Days in Addis Ababa?Vehicle we use for two days tours from Addis Ababa

  1. You can take one of our 1-day trips from Addis Ababa for two consecutive days.
  2. You can visit all the best tourist attractions of Addis Ababa for two full days.
  3. Take a domestic flight from Addis Ababa in the morning to Dire Dawa and fly back with the latest flight to Addis Ababa, visiting the walled city of Harar.

Q – I want to join a group for sharing costs. Are the two days tours group tours?

The above tours of 2 days trips from Addis Ababa are all private tours. We can't be sure of availability of open groups visitors may join. Please, contact us for availability.

Q – What kind of vehicle do you use for the 2-day journeys around Addis Ababa?

For all ground tours (all by driving) we use insured and comfortable private vehicles with air conditioning. We use Toyota Corolla for 1 or 2 visitors, and Toyota Minivan of 2017 Model for a group of 3 to 6 visitors. Our vehicles used for the two-day trips are regularly sanitized.

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