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If you have an overnight layover or short stopover at Addis Ababa, it is no wonder that you ask: -

🤔 Is Addis Ababa a safe city to explore after dark?

🤔 How to experience great nightlife in Addis Ababa?

🤔 What are the things to do in Addis Ababa at night?

🤔 Are there interesting tours when transiting through Addis Ababa in the evening?

Find helpful answers for the above questions and more. Get our suggested things-to-do in Addis Ababa. Book activities you can try at night in Addis Ababa. We offer ultimate in-transit experience in Addis Ababa you can imagine.

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IN BRIEF - Overnight Transit Tour in Addis Ababa

Duration4 to 6 hours

Best Time for this stopover tour - 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM

What you'll do (visit) - Drive through Addis Ababa's main streets. Sample delicious Ethiopian foods. Watch LIVE cultural music and dance performances. Shop for authentic Ethiopian coffee in a supermarket in Addis Ababa. Buy traditional costumes and Ethiopian spices. And attend an event to learn about Ethiopian coffee culture.

Price in US Dollars - Basic price starts from 100 US Dollars for one person. See Below

Price INCLUDES - Private transportation with Fuel (gasoline), English-Speaking driver/guide, Hotel/Airport pick up and drop offs, Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony Experience, Local snacks and bottled water, Tea/Coffee, Bottle of Tej (Ethiopian mead) and all applicable taxes.

Price EXCLUDES - Meals and other expenses not mentioned above

If you have any questions on customizing how you visit Addis Ababa, contact us on WhatsApp


  1. To get enough time for the tour, it is advisable to get your entry visa to Ethiopia online. Doing this saves you the time you would spend waiting in queue for your visa on arrival. Apply online for your Ethiopia Transit Visa at https://www.evisa.gov.et/
  2. When you check in to fly to Addis Ababa, check in for the next flight as well. Having the boarding pass for the flight from Addis Ababa helps you check in faster after the tour of Addis.
  3. Visitors are NOT ALLOWED to bring BINOCULARS, Drones, and Satellite Phones with them to Addis Ababa City. OR, you need a special permit. If you carry those items, keep them in your checked baggage which you dont bring with you on the stopover tour of Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Airlines Planes on Ground at Addis AbabaBooking our night activity in Addis Ababa lets you:-

- drive on Addis Ababa’s main thoroughfares
- enjoy a LIVE cultural music and dance performance
- savor delicious Ethiopian cuisine
- experience the coffee culture of Ethiopians, and
- shop for fine Ethiopian coffee, spices, and traditional clothing

If you have an evening stopover at Addis Ababa and look for fun activities and experiences in Addis, you have found it! Our overnight transit tour in Addis Ababa is all you need. This layover trip is a perfect way to experience Ethiopia and feel Addis Ababa while waiting for your connecting flight.

During your brief stop tour, you'll explore the best things to do at night in Addis Ababa. Know what to do and customize our enjoyable short layover tour in Addis Ababa. If you have a few hours during the day or at dusk, get to know the best of Addis Ababa by booking our half-day layover tour.

For your Addis Ababa layover tour related inquiries, please email us or ! We'll contact you again shortly.

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 Review about Overnight transit tour in Addis Ababa

Short overview of the overnight transit tour in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia) is Africa’s biggest diplomatic base. It is because Addis Ababa is the seat of major international institutions and embassies. The Headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), and the African Union (AU) are in Addis.

Addis Ababa is home to Africa’s biggest Airline – Ethiopian Airlines. This African giant carrier serves the largest number of destinations in Africa. Thousands of passengers stop at Addis Ababa on a layover connecting their flights.

Addis Ababa City View at Dusk

When you have a long layover in Addis Ababa, consider booking one of our 1-day trips. WHY?

 Customized Flexible Tours

We design customized short holidays for touring Addis Ababa and any interesting sites in the surrounding area. Create your personalized stopover tour in Addis with us.

Helpful Advice from Local Tour Operators 

Get our help in crafting what you wish to do during your stay in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! Access free travel tips from our Ethiopian tourism professionals. Arrange layover tours of Addis fine-tuned to your specific needs, flight arrival, and departure times.

Insightful, Friendly, and Experienced Tour Guides

Our local tour guides are reputable for their deep destination-specific Knowledge. Have a memorable time in the city of Addis Ababa between your flights.

Free Airport or Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off

Get your pick up on time. Enjoy your long layover in Addis Ababa with us. Get dropped off back at the airport in time for your departing flight.

Contact us for a possible itinerary and quote for your specific 1-night layover trip in Addis Ababa.

Things to know about this evening event in Addis Ababa

Best time for this late afternoon/early evening activity is from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM

We use clean, comfortable private vehicles to drive during this night city tour in Addis Ababa

Expert tour guide escorts you to the safest places in Addis

It is 100% free to customize this overnight transit tour of Addis Abeba. We adapt this event to your flight arrival and departure times and your other requests.

To protect you, the employees, and the community from the coronavirus, we adhere to all the advised safety precautions.

✴ Visit Addis Ababa with a well-informed local tour guide with the passion to make your trip special.

Are you flying with Ethiopian Airlines (ET) to Addis Ababa (ADD)? You don't want to follow the flags of the Ethiopian group tour? You need flexibility to visit Addis Ababa your own way?

Then, this private guided stopover tour of Addis Ababa is the perfect trip to book. Contact Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours for details and booking.

List of activities and things-to-do in Addis Ababa at night

  1. Dine at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant to experience the exotic food culture of Ethiopia
  2. See LIVE cultural folk music and dance shows of Ethiopians at 2000 Habesha Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant
  3. Stop at a LIVE Ethiopian Jazz Club
  4. Have a scenic drive on the principal streets of Addis Ababa
  5. Take part in Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
  6. Experience Traditional Ethiopian bars known as 'Azmari Bet'
  7. Shop for tasty Ethiopian Coffee, local spices, and traditional Ethiopian handcrafts and costumes

Cultural Ethiopian Dinner with Live Dance Show

Cultural Ethiopian Meal known as MahberawiCheck out a couple of the best traditional Ethiopian Restaurants in Addis Ababa. Try varieties of delicious Ethiopian meals and taste ‘Tej’ – the Ethiopian Honey Wine. Use your fingers to eat the Ethiopian spongy bread known as Injera (made of Teff grains). Share a plate of deliciously spiced Ethiopian cuisine among small groups.

Are you interested ONLY in the Ethiopian dinner with LIVE dance performances? Book our Ethiopian Cultural Dinner and LIVE Dance Show Online.

LIVE Folkloric Dance Performance of Ethiopians

Enjoy yummy Ethiopian cuisine and see the LIVE dance performances of the different tribes. The dancers wear costumes of the corresponding tribes. Ethiopia is Africa's second-biggest country with 82 different ethnic groups. Learn Ethiopian history and the culture of Ethiopians from your tour guide.

Stop at a LIVE Ethiopian Jazz Club

Ethiopia has a big name for its Jazz Music. African Jazz Village is the most popular Ethiopian Jazz Club in Addis Ababa.Traditional Ethiopian Shoulder Dance - Eskesta

Take a relaxed drive on the highways of Addis Ababa

Have a scenic drive on Addis Ababa’s main streets. Depending on how long you spend on tour and where you’ll be staying, you’ll drive by major monuments in Addis Ababa. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the safe drive in Addis Ababa to see its iconic sites. Learn about each location from your guide.

Our Full-Day city trip to Addis allows you to see more of Addis Ababa if you have longer than 6 hours to spend here. Our half-day layover tour in Addis Ababa is intriguing for travelers who have four to five hours throughout the day. Learn all about this nighttime tour and what to do in the city after sundown by reading on.

If you have any other ideas to add to this evening excursion in Addis Ababa city after sunset, share them with us and lets help.

A few iconic sights you'll see in Addis Ababa include: -

• Meskel Square (the main square in Addis Ababa),
UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA) building,
• Lion of Judah Monument, and
• The Headquarters of the African Union.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Coffee was first discovered at ‘Kaffa’ area of West Ethiopia. And the ‘Coffee Ceremony’ is one of Ethiopia’s unique cultural identities. Your guide narrates on the significance of Coffee for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Experience the traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony like Ethiopians.

See the settings of the ceremony. Observe the process of typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. It starts with washing the coffee beans, and roasting. After presenting the aromas of the roasted coffee smoke to guests, it is pounded by hand.

Feeling the sweet smells of the Frank Incense, follow up the coffee brewing. And, enjoy one of the best cups of coffee in your life. At the end, you can stop at a supermarket to buy the best quality Ethiopian Coffee. For comprehensive information on Coffee Ceremony, read our article – the Ethiopian Coffee Culture.

Azmari Bet Experience

Take a look at one of the few Azmari Bets in Addis Ababa. Azmari Bet is a traditional Ethiopian bar with a band of two (a couple). The band entertains guests playing Masinko (Ethiopian Fiddle), singing and shoulder dancing.

During the duet, the singers make fun on each other with singing. They make the poems up at the spot. That is to make spectators relax. The singers at Azmari Bets praise and appreciate guests individually with rhythms. It is a way of earning prizes for their admiration (commends). And, it is customary to put the paper money prize on the foreheads of the singer.

The best place for Azmari Bet experience in Addis Ababa is Fendika Azmari Bet.

Shopping in Addis Ababa City

Depending on what time you are in Addis Ababa, take time for shopping at Shiro Meda Local Market. Shiro Meda is famous for handwoven colorful Ethiopian womens dresses (Habesha Dresses) and scarves. Here, you can find small handcrafts (gift items).Ethiopian traditional dresses at Shiromeda Market in Addis Ababa

If you are in Addis Ababa after 8:00 PM, shopping at a local supermarket is add-on. Buy the finest Ethiopian Coffee beans to take with you. Ethiopian local spices and organic forest honey are other items you may shop for.

Your tour guide advises on where to shop at, considering what you want to buy.

Price of Overnight Transit Tour in Addis Ababa

Basic tour price of this Addis Ababa stopover tour (Maximum 6 hours) is: -
- 100 US Dollars for 1 person or 110 USD for 2 people in group
- 125 US Dollars for 3 to 6 people per group

The above tour price includes private vehicle with fuel and driver. We use comfortable, insured, and clean Toyota Corolla (for 1 or 2 visitors). For 3 to 6 travelers, we use Toyota Minivan of 2017 Model. English-speaking driver runs vehicle during this Addis Ababa stopover tour responsibly.

Prices of add-ons (extra) services
- 45 US Dollars for professional local tour guide (per group)
- 20 US Dollars Ethiopia Coffee Ceremony Activity (per group)
- 25 US Dollars for dinner at Ethiopian Restaurant with a bottle of Tej  Ethiopian Honey Wine (per person)

If you have more time to spend in Addis Ababa, choose from our 1-day tours in and around Addis Ababa.

NOTE – This short stopover tour in Addis includes free pick-up and drop-off from and to Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. You can start and end this overnight tour from your transit hotel in Addis Ababa.

IMPORTANT TIP – To get enough time for the tour, please get your entry visa to Ethiopia online. Apply online for your Ethiopia Transit Visa.

When you check in to fly to Addis Ababa, check-in for the next flight as well. Having the boarding pass for the flight from Addis Ababa helps you check in faster after the tour of Addis.

If you have a stopover in Addis Ababa in the evening and would like to enjoy cultural activities in Addis Nightlife, please contact us. We customize the overnight transit tour in Addis Ababa to fit with your flight arrival and departure times, and your other requests.

Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] also offers private 1 to 3 days tours packages from Addis Ababa. See the list of day trips near Addis Ababa to visit top ranked tour destinations in one day. You can always ask to customize our Addis Ababa tour packages to your specific desires.

If you need more security and assurance in booking this night activity, BOOK ONLINEEthiopian Cultural Dinner with LIVE Dance Show in Addis Ababa

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Related Questions and Answers - Stopovers in Addis Ababa

You may ask How do you get around Addis Ababa? For the above stopover tour in Addis Ababa, we consider using Toyota Corolla for small group of one or two people. And, 12-seater Toyota Minivan is used to get around Addis Ababa for three to six visitors in a group.

If you are wondering how you get around Addis Ababa by yourself, the safest means of travel is using ride sharing taxi company known as FERES. Dial 6090 or download Feres App to order your trip in Addis Ababa.

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