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1 - To Mr. Muluken and To whom it may concern!
My self and two friends from Vienna have completed a Toyota Land Cruiser Excursion from Nov 23rd to Dec 5th 2010 with Merit Tours.
After some internet-research for a suitable agency to rent a four-whell-drive car I found your company with a fair proposal. Your were the only agency who offered a base-price for the car with fuel to be paid by the clients.
After we met Nov.22nd at the Queen of Sheba Hotel in Addis Abeba the decision was quickly made, because you presented an excellent car with only 18000 km on one side and Mr. Bitnaniya as driver - he made a very good and knowledgeable impression from the first moment. There we concluded our deal in short time and I had to cancel the appointments with two other agencies.
The good impression was confirmed after some days of travelling with Mr. Bitnaniya- he drove defensively and cautiously, he was always punctual,
he had an excellent knowledge of all the Northern and Southern regions in
Ethiopia. Besides he speaks very well English and assisted us always with his
mobile phone in finding suitable Hotels on the route.
After approx. 3200 km through all kinds of surface, through two National Parks and several dirt roads, we know that we had made an excellent decision to choose Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours.
So we thank you again for your excellent cooperation.
Yours truly,
Martin KIermaier, Munich, Germany

2 - As a seasoned traveler for 25 years, I led a number of groups of tourists to many countries across the globe. This year I organized my trip with Merit Ethiopian Tours [MEET] to the Omo Valley with 10 people to visit the cultural tribes. Mr. Muluken accompanied us and made sure to put us in the best available hotels, in first class camping, and provide us with delicious meals in the middle of nowhere. He organized very good conditioned 4X4 Toyota Land Cruisers. He and his colleagues were always there to assist us get whatever we needed on time.
I don’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Muluken’s service to anyone who is interested to travel to Ethiopia.
Kevien Whitenly, USA

3. I have just completed my third tour with Muluken(Mule) as a guide and organizer -
six years ago we travelled to the Denakil Depression/Axum region together,
five years ago to the Gambella, Surma and East Omo Valley, and this year we did a tour of southern Ethiopia including a boat trip to Lake Turkana down the Omo River.
I would highly recomend his service and his local knowledge is outstanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending his company to any traveller especially those intending to venture off the beatten tourist tracks.
All the best Mule and we share a lot of memories.
Allen Gray, New Zealand

4. 'Salamno' Mulu!
Great to hear from you!
Everything is fine with us, thanks. As you can imagine it was difficult to go back to work, especially after such a wonderful trip through Ethiopia.
We would be happy to advertise your fantastic tour organization and guiding capabilities since you took such good care of us and showed us so many beautiful (and difficult) parts of your country. We both came away with a better understanding of Ethiopia and how wonderful and strong the people are and how much they want to improve their country and make things better. It was truly an inspiring trip and you opened our eyes by showing us all aspects of life for the people of Ethiopia.
We're sure we'll see you again one day. We would like to see the more of your country and would certainly make sure we could travel with you.
Best of luck to you and take care Mulu.
Best regards,
Chris & Stefi(Luxumburg)

5. Dear reader,
On our first trip to the Omo Valley of Ethiopia we were fortunate to have Muluken as our guide. Though the southern part of Ethiopia is not really touristically developed, Muluken made sure we had great accomodation and that all our wishes - and we had a few! - were met to full satisfaction. It remains as one of our most unforgettable experiences, thanks to no less part to Muluken adjusting the trip to all our requests, monitoring where necessary but letting us freedom whenever needed. The various markets and villages of the different tribes - Hamar, Karo, Dessenech, Mursi etc. - all made up to an utterly fantastic and unbelievable insight of this to most people unknown part of the world.
We were so impressed that we booked another tour with Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours, the very same year, this time exploring the west bank of the Omo River, especially the Surma tribes. Again Muluken made sure that all our wishes - sometime springing to mind in the midst of a tour - were fullfilled to complete satisfaction. Which tourist can claim to have visited 2 impressive Donga fights on one day? Well, we can, thanks to Muluken. It seems as if Muluken is part of the different Surma families; they all know and respect him and give the same affection to us as Muluken's friends (yes, we felt like friends, not just like mere customers). Also Muluken again knew to impress us with his knowledge and his possibility to move with an astonishing flexibility through the different wishes and situations.
For us it is a sure thing that we will return to Ethiopia, to our beloved Omo Valley. And it is just as sure that we will pick Muluken as our tour organizer and guide again. It just doesn't get any better. Meet Mule and enjoy!
Best regards,
Johan & Anja
Berlin, Germany







(November 2012)

7. Muluken is a knowledgeable and likeable young man. He went out of his way to assist us in having a wonderful experience in Ethiopia in August 2013. Flexible and willing to go the extra mile, he ensured that my friend and I had a truly wonderful experience and we fell in love with the country as a result. Together with his driver, Fitsum, we had plenty of fun - and laughter was the order of our days together.

Lois Wagner

South Africa

8. Muluken Girma, before he opened Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours, has hosted a film crew from the famous American
TV company called Travel Channel for a program called Bizarre Foods. You can watch it by clicking the following link

9. This was an amazing trip and Muluken took very good care of us. He was attentive and quick to repond to our questions and wants. He was also extremely accomodating when it came to making exptra stops along the way, which made the trip longer but worth it. the drive is less than two hours from Addis Ababa but there is plenty to see along the way. The site itself is beautiful but this trip is all about the beautiful and interesting views along the journey.

January 2015

10. Muluken - you need to know that I travel the world. I showed to you all of my "stamps" in my passport of the places that I have been in the last 4 years. I have NEVER in my life been so touched and impacted by any tour that I have been on, as I have been on my tour with you. You showed to me - your AFRICA. It has had a HUGE impact to MY life. I sit here two days after I said good bye at the Addis Ababa airport trying to put into words something that would really "capture" the humanity, the feelings, the people, the lives, the way the people live, the sounds, the resourcefulness, the poverty, the overworked women. That we, in the 1st world (Canada - the land of milk and honey) - in the year 2017 - allow what is happening in your country to actually happen to you and your people, when we over here in Canada have so much and we take it all for granted, I cannot understand. The huge THANK YOU'S must go to you Muluken - you showed us YOUR Africa, you took us there, you "told" us, you explained. This trip was a LIFE CHANGER, and I cannot thank you enough. You, Muluken, are one AWESOME tour guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And also a HUGE thank you to "Baby" who was an awesome driver and who "kept us safe". I will do everything possible to see that more people from Canada come to visit your country and perhaps in this way we CAN make a difference. Best Regards, Lois  E. Smith, Canada (Jan 2017)

11. I did a custom two days tour with Muluken to the key both north and south of Addis Ababa and I could not have hoped for a better experience. Very knowledgeable, easy going, prompt, and flexible. In addition to him and the driver with both great conversationalists, the time on the road passed quickely. In short, he delivered an experience, not a tour. In additon he attended to the small details in ensuring my comfort.

Outstanding. Completely exeded my expectations.

Joseph Mulkern (Sept 2017)


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