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MEET’s organized staff takes you to the majestic Ethiopian natural beauties and wonders, the range of fauna and flora, the wildly galloping wild animals, the multifarious cultural colors and the glorious history of the Ethiopian people, their wisdom tolerance and hospitality that made Ethiopia famous worldwide. MEET is founded and managed by an Ethiopian professional tour operator / Guide, Muluken Girma (Mule) whose 10 years experience in plotting itineraries and executing them in guiding groups of tourists from the different corners of the globe (USA, Britain, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Norway, Holland, Australia, Hungary, Turkey) helped him to know heartily what clients need exactly and to deliver them satisfactorily. Among a number of trips he run flawlessly, the following are a few to mention – a trip to the film crew of Goge Africa from Nigeria, a trip to the film crew of Panopticon TV from Norway, a trip to the ‘Word Travels’ film crew from Canada and most importantly, he guided Andrew Zimmer of Bizarre Foods from the Travel Channel, successfully and satisfactorily. Muluken's principle of customer handling goes like: - “ I believe adults are like big children who have strong needs and don’t know how to MEET their needs best, and who deserve a fatherly follow up to yield marvelous experience. And, we are here for you. Every opportunity begins with connection. Drop us your message and MEET your expectation with perfect reality.” We selected a typically Ethiopian coffee pot for our logo because coffee has a significant economical & social importance for the people Ethiopia. Economically, it is the country’s largest export, and socially, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony is held three times a day – for about 45 minutes a time. An Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a served for a visitor, first and foremost, to welcome him/ her and show the hosts’ sincere hospitality. That holds the same for us in selecting this logo – to welcome and treat you professionally, ethically and satisfactorily – of course with Ethiopian hospitality. We truly believe that we are different from other tour operators in: - - Our perfect-match tailor made itineraries - Our reasonable prices - Our swift responses to clients’ requests - Our follow up schemes - Our best conditioned vehicles, and quality accomodations we use. 

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Contact us soon at , or or OR you can call us at +251 – 91 – 136 04 88 or +251 - 11 - 3712653. Alternatively, you can contact us by Skype: Muluken444  

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